The future of performance monitoring

Making O&M decisions clear and actionable

Tap into the unknown – boost your wind energy output by up to 4% pa

Traditional methods of monitoring wind farm performance are notoriously unfit for purpose.

With measurement inaccuracy as high as 15%, performance problems can often go undetected, leading to expensive inefficiencies.

But what if you could accurately identify changes as marginal as 0.1% in individual turbine performance?

And what if you could use this insight to continually optimise your operations?

Wind AI™ from Cognitive is a game-changer, applying an A.I. and physics-based solution to this longstanding engineering challenge.

Through leveraging cutting-edge data science and digital hyper-twin technology, Wind AI™ can detect even the smallest changes in turbine performance.

Driving unprecedented levels of accuracy, Wind AI™ could boost your Annual Energy Production (AEP) by up to 4% even for operators already using advanced analytics, equating to an incremental value of more than €100m a year for a 10GW energy producer, based on current prices (August 2021).

Wind AI™ offers a unique, high-value proposition, exploiting the turbines’ hyper-accurate power sensors, instead of relying on inaccurate measurements from turbine-mounted anemometers, to transform traditional approaches to turbine performance management.

Wind AI™ for smarter wind performance

Don't just guess at the health of your assets. Know it.

Built from the ground up, Wind AI™ makes monitoring performance effortless.
Wind AI™ is lightning fast. Designed for use on-site, off-site, or in the office.

Why rely on offline LiDAR reports? Wind AI™ provides ultra-high-resolution prediction of turbine production, in real-time. Priority alarms. Turbine performance insights. Scheduled maintenance orders. Bad-actor analysis. And more. Always accessible, all of the time. Wind AI™ is fast, clear, and intelligent.

Know exactly when to take action

Cost-optimised performance.

Incorporate financial data into your workflow to better quantify the cost of degradation and help you take action.
Identify which assets are under-performing, the root cause, and the cost for remedial work versus the lost availability.

Make the best decision possible, every time.

Cut through the noise

Clear, actionable alarms powered by AI.

Combined with advanced feature detection methods, Wind AI™ presents clear diagnostics with each alarm.
Quickly understand the root cause of an alarm and take action. Never miss important issues again.

Wind AI™ harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically model and monitor your plant. Enhancing a previously specialist and manual process, Wind AI™ finds hidden relationships between every turbine on a farm. The result is high-precision performance monitoring, without the requirement for new instrumentation. A faster, smarter, way to monitor performance.

Built from the ground-up
to make your life easier.

By engineers, for engineers.

How Wind AI™ can help you…

Traditional measurement techniques and analysis with power curves make it hard to detect meaningful deviations in a timely fashion.

As an O&M focussed engineer, you are often left relying on large changes to power curves to detect issues.

It will not surprise you to find out that in recent studies it has been shown that some wind speed readings are not only inaccurate but can also show false information due to the complexity of the modern control system that they are integrated within. This means that decreases and even apparent increases in turbine performance need to be validated before taking action. Due to your already heavy workload, this evaluation can become a monumental task that leaves high-priority and resolvable issues undetected.

Wind AI™ will support your daily analyses as well as help you get to the bottom of emerging issues quickly. Being able to identify, diagnose, and action threats to your turbines faster means that you can reduce day-to-day pressures and start planning instead of fire-fighting.

As an added benefit Wind AI™ has built-in and automated performance reporting that saves days of work per month and includes advanced metrics like turbine performance loss. Our wake-adjusted production forecasting combined with new state-of-the-art performance monitoring enables you to run O&M the way that you have always known it should be run.


Compared to downtime and availability the detection of minor changes in turbine performance may seem trivial.

However, as a site manager, you will know that small improvements in O&M strategy, through being proactive and using data intelligently, can lead to major increases in production, whilst predictive maintenance can provide a step-change in availability as a consequence of detecting issues earlier.

Additionally, it has been determined that many sites have fixed load-factor targets and it is often you who are under pressure to deliver them. Wind AI™ supports you by automatically calculating the possible load factor with the Wind AI™ Hyper-Twin™, giving you the metrics and tools by which you can readily seek improvement at your site.

Wind AI™ provides trusted data-driven insights, enabling you to identify performance problems early – ensuring you can take the necessary actions to achieve your site production and availability targets, consistently.

Wind AI™ provides a consistent approach to performance reporting across your fleet, in fact, it provides unified reporting with advanced analytics.

Whether you have a fleet Monitoring and Diagnostics (M&D) center or local-site performance monitoring teams, Wind AI™ enables your workflow.

Wind AI™ enables you and your teams to know exactly how every one of your turbines is performing, all of the time.

Collaborative working directly with your site teams will support you to prevent future losses and downtime, meaning that your fleet will run optimally and every decision will be data-driven.

Because you operate a fleet you can capture and standardize your knowledge base to mitigate the risk of knowledge and competency loss as engineers retire and empower every site to know how to detect or solve any problem that has been seen before on any site.

Wind AI™ can be customised to integrate with your future O&M projects, including further A.I. innovation and automous solutions.

The Wind AI™ architecture and Cognitive’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) is designed in accordance with GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 22301:2012, ISO 2000-1:2011, and ISO 9001:2015.

IIOT data connections can be made to the Wind AI™ technology in several ways however our customer’s preferred methods have included: VPN (OPC, SQL, PI API), Bazefield API, and even sFTP.

Wind AI™ is an applied A.I. technology that is deployed through the Azure cloud as standard. Deployment, however, is flexible, and we will work with you to make the technology meet your needs.

Wind AI™ uses the true benefit of cloud, architectural scale. It creates millions of models to map complex patterns in your IIOT data and provide real insights through the Patent Pending Hyper-Twin™. Cloud deployment enables Wind AI™ to effectively distribute workloads and horizontally scale data storage and retrieval.

Wind AI™ can be connected using any protocol and the outputs can even be plugged back into existing data systems such as SQL, PI, SAP, Maximo, Bazefield, etc. enabling you to get the most out of the technology for your organisation.

The existing software can be updated, white-labeled, and bespoke requirements, applications, and integrations can be built and plugged in.

New interfaces for data historians, CMMS systems, or other monitoring technologies can also be built upon request.

You probably already suspect that underperformance and PBA losses are costing you more than you currently know.

A 4% AEP increase (beyond standard analytics) is equivalent to installing a new 400MW wind farm in an existing 10GW fleet.

You will also know that most large asset-centric industries are in the data-dark ages. Data is siloed, and each employee relies on spreadsheets and basic analytics systems to perform their role.

Using unified data and analytics systems like Bazefield or OSIsoft PI is a great start, but the complexity of specific problems like performance and O&M optimisation cannot be easily solved by just increasing your amount of data or data-science resources.

Wind AI™ plugs into your existing digital architecture and immediately helps you to improve asset performance through visibility of incredibly difficult to calculate metrics.

You can drive measurable revenue benefits by improving the efficiency, profitability, safety, and sustainability of your business through actioning new insights which are currently invisible to your organisation.

Understanding Wind AI™

Wind AI™ exploits real-time data generated across your wind farms, using both external and internal variables to create a hyper-accurate representation of target turbine performance.


Dynamically adjusting to your wind farm array-shape and topography, Wind AI™ learns the complex patterns of your specific operation, exploiting millions of automated machine learning models.


By creating this digital Hyper-Twin™ as a reference point, Wind AI™ can then detect even the smallest deviations in individual turbine performance across the array.


This radically new approach creates new possibilities for isolating and optimising underperforming turbines, providing a level of accuracy unachievable through conventional measurement methods.

map map

By deploying advanced machine learning and A.I. techniques, Wind AI™ detects unusual performance behaviours, presenting them back in the form of intuitive, real-time reports. These reports enable new levels of performance visibility right across the operation, driving in-depth insights and effective corrective actions.


How do we know how well a turbine is performing?

Surprisingly, this question has not been easy to answer, with wind farms unknowingly missing early maintenance warning signs and losing out on millions of pounds. Through “digital hyper-twinning”, Cognitive aims to transform the wind power industry of tomorrow. Watch our video now to understand how Wind AI™ can identify the true source of wind turbine underperformance and help our customers diagnose and fix it.


“At Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, our goal is to continuously improve our O&M efficiency. Wind AI supports us by identifying any underperformance in our assets very early on, which we can then evaluate and engineer solutions for – putting a stop to any potentially significant or cumulative impact on our production.”

- James Vause, Production Manager, RWE

“Cognitive’s technology is providing a solution for one of the industry’s largest, unsolved challenges, the cost-effective monitoring and tracking of wind turbine performance losses.”

- Andrew MacDonald, Senior Innovation Manager, Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult

“The industry doesn’t know how much power – and profit – is being left on the table. Our estimates suggest that if every turbine in every wind farm in the UK was producing optimally, this would deliver the equivalent energy of two new farms, each the size of Greater Gabbard, just by using existing assets to their fullest.”

- Christopher Fraser, Co-Founder and Director of Applied AI, Cognitive

Rapid, flexible deployment

Rapid implementation ensures operational benefits can be realised quickly. Wind AI™ can generate performance reports from day one of operation, quickly creating benchmarks from which micro-level performance can then be accurately measured across the array.

If required, the solution can interface with multiple data sources, ensuring it can rapidly transition into a strategic, enterprise-wide solution.

Wind AI™ is deployed via Azure cloud by default but can be adapted based on your operational and strategic preferences.

The solution can be run by your own in-house team or as an ongoing managed service from Cognitive. In either case, you are assured of our commitment to collaborative partnership working throughout the process, ensuring you maximise the operational benefits from this exciting technology.

Blazingly Fast Charting

Powered by our revolutionary FTL framework, plot 10 year’s worth of data as quickly as a single day’s.


Communication is key. Always know the who, what, and when with integrated Discovery™ case management.

Get more from your data

Wind AI™'s prediction data is readily exportable to be used however you wish to maximise the value to your business.

Accuracy like no other system

Our hyper-accurate assessment challenges LiDAR, detecting sub 0.1% turbine specific performance losses. Online and always available..

Rapid implementation

Wind AI™ is as fast to implement as it is to use.

Security, made easy

Cognitive’s systems are designed to the highest and most stringent security standards. That's one less thing for you to worry about.

Next steps...

To find out more about the specific challenges you face, and to discuss how Wind AI™ can help you to address them, we would welcome an initial exploration and discovery discussion with you.

We are happy to arrange this either virtually or face-to-face (H&S dependant), whichever works better for you.

To discuss further, please contact us today.

Next steps...

Following this, we would be pleased to explore the specific benefits that Wind AI can bring your organisation through customised consultancy options, including discovery and analysis based on actual sample data sets. Throughout this collaborative process, we will help you explore the potential of Wind AI and to create a powerful and compelling business case.

To discuss further, please contact us today.

Cognitive and the journey to Wind AI™

The team at Cognitive has developed the Wind AI™ solution through the unique combination of cutting-edge data science skills and deep, practical experience of modern energy production.

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Cognitive and the journey to Wind AI™

With a strong commitment to collaborative working, we are now ideally placed to partner with major energy producers around the world.

For further information on Cognitive, including our leadership team and our wider product and service portfolio, please visit